Automatic Dispenser of Personal Protective Equipment P.P.E.

Automatic Dispenser of Personal Protective Equipment P.P.E.

Work Secure is now able to offer different solutions for what concerns the Automatic Distribution of I.P.D. and other bulky products for which it is necessary and mandatory the traceability and certification of actual delivery through the withdrawal.

We have AUTOMATIC DISTRIBUTORS AND ELECTRONIC CABINETS, Cloud software that does not require direct connection to the customer’s local company network, and data storage systems within an online database that can be accessed from any device by simply entering your data (username and password).

The VENDING MACHINE releases the material only to the personnel in charge, who can be identified by the personal badge (magnetic, proximity or bar-code) used for entry and exit, or by biometric readers (fingerprint or facial recognition).

All the data of the withdrawal (name, job, product, date and time) are recorded in the database that sends a message to the PEC, ensuring the actual certification of the operation.

All data remain available to the customer, who can access them at any time.

The automated management of supplies through AUTOMATIC DISTRIBUTORS guarantees enormous advantages, including:

  • 24 hour operation and monitoring
  • Continuous availability of products
  • Certification of the actual withdrawal
  • Elimination of the paper compilation of withdrawal vouchers
  • Certified traceability and storage of transactions
  • Statistical reports using tables and diagrams
  • Direct analysis of consumption by operator, department or task, product or product family, date and time of withdrawal
  • Reduction of waste and lost items (proven average reduction of 30%)
  • Possibility of automatic reordering and alerts for stock below thresholds
  • Updating of the exact stock in real time
  • Increased security storage for the most expensive and easily breakable items
  • Reinforced anti-burglary structure
  • Intuitive interface completely touch screen
  • Modular structure modular according to customer needs (space, number of products managed)
  • Cloud management software
  • Technical assistance for hardware components
  • Training


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