Elipse GVS Integra P3 Mask

The Elipse Integra P3 mask is ideal for eye and respiratory protection.

It is lightweight, flexible and allows to perfectly fit the face reducing fogging problems.

It is made of hypoallergenic TPE material.

The large central Nylon check valve prevents excessive user breathing resistance and moisture build-up inside the mask.

Elipse Integra‘s polycarbonate lenses have an impact resistance of 45 m/s, are anti-fog and scratch resistant.

Ordering Codes:

SPR406 GVS Elipse Integra P3 RD mask with replaceable filters
SPR316 GVS pair of replaceable filters P3 RD
SPR336 GVS pair of replaceable filters P3 RD anti-odour (active carbons)
SPM007 GVS pouch for Elipse Integra mask
SPM520 GVS kit of 10 screen protectors


Mask: EN140: 1998/EN166 2.F.K.N.
P3 filters: BS EN143: 2000/A1P3 for P3 HESPA pleated filters minimum efficiency 99.95%.
A1P3 filters: EN14387 gases and dusts


Mask 170x165x190 mm (209 g)
P3 filter 12x94x50 mm (17.2 g)
A1P3 filter 48,5×94,5×60 mm (83 g)


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Elipse GVS Integra P3 Mask Elipse GVS Integra P3 Mask

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