GVS Elipse P3 mask Individual protection device EN140:1998

GVS Elipse P3 mask with replaceable filters P.P.E. (Personal Protective Equipment)

Compact, lightweight and flexible design that allows it to fit perfectly to the face and have a wide view, without interfering with any eye or ear protection that the user intends to wear.

Equipped with a large central non-return valve, which allows to minimize the user’s breathing resistance and the formation of moisture inside the mask.

Lightweight, non-slip strap that can be easily adjusted in 4 positions to improve comfort and make it safe to use even in high humidity or wet conditions.

GVS Elipse is effective against dusts and fumes containing substances such as microorganisms, marble, gypsum, titanium oxides, steatite, rock wool, wood, detergents, textile fibers, spices, salt, feed, cereals and more.

Protects against dusts that can cause lung disease such as the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Particularly against dusts of coal, silica, cotton, iron minerals, graphite, kaolin, zinc, aluminum.

Protects against harmful dusts such as asbestos, bauxite and against toxic dusts such as manganese, lead and chromium.

The P3 pleated filters, interchangeable, have a minimum efficiency of 99.95%, porosity 0.3 micron and a mechanical resistance of 4.2 mbar at a flow of 47.5 l/min for each virgin filter.

At the same time when the filters are blocked and exhausted the resistance increases up to 7 mbar.

Mining and cement industry, steelworks, foundries, mechanics, pharmaceuticals, glass, ceramics, chemicals, textiles.

Ideal for shipyards, battery production, elimination of toxic waste, asbestos fibers, remediation, heavy metals (lead, nickel, chromium), handling of active ingredients.

Mask conforms to standard EN140: 1998.

Filters according to BS EN143:2000/A1 P3 (RD).

Mask and filters are CE certified.

Filter type/class HESPA (High Efficiency Synthetic Particulate Airfilter) + P3 (RD) * >99,95% (minimum efficiency).

Available with activated carbons with anti-odour and anti-smoke function and for the removal of small concentrations of organic vapours.

The materials used for mask and filters are anallergic, odorless, medical grade, latex and silicone free.

Temperature range -5°C +55°C, shelf life 5 years, for mask and filters.

Elipse P3 mask filters do not contain any plastic components.




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GVS Elipse P3 mask with replaceable filters P.P.E. (Personal Protective Equipment) GVS Elipse P3 mask Individual ...

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