Irudek Sekuralt Tripod Kit Trip10 EN795B EN360 EN1496

Basic anti-fall kit for work in confined spaces that requires a descent and ascent system

The kit consists of:

1 Trip10 Sekuralt aluminum tripod with 1 pulley and a carrying case REF. 0840047

1 Sekuralt rescue winch 20 M with fixing plate REF. 0840048

1 Sekuralt 20M fall arrest device REF. 0840170

Trip10 Sekuralt aluminum tripod

Working in confined spaces requires the use of an anchor point that allows you to work comfortably and safely.

The tripod Sekuralt made of aluminum allows you to move it with total ease and agility.

The tripod comes with 1 pulley, 2 anchor rings, 1 nylon carrying case and 1 25mm strap for securing the tripod when in the open position.

Irudek TRN1 Winch

Do not use as a fall arrest device.

The rescue winch is manufactured with galvanized steel cable 6.3 mm in diameter and 20 meters long, to ascend or descend a person or material in confined spaces.

It has a carabiner ref. 981 at the end of the cable.

It has an ascent and descent mechanism with a crank and an automatic safety brake that locks in the event of an uncontrolled fall, protecting the user.

Sekurblock Irudek 20m anti-fall device

Retractable type fall arrester with Sekurblok automatic recovery system with synthetic casing and 4.5 mm galvanized steel cable.

Includes 1 automatic swivel carabiner with fall indicator ref. 986 + 1 carabiner ref. 981


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Irudek Sekuralt Tripod Kit Trip10 EN795B EN360 EN1496 Irudek Sekuralt Tripod Kit Tri...

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