Polar Fleece


Extreme lightness but effective protection from the cold.
Strong protection from moisture with a high wearability.
If you need a safety garment that has all these seemingly incompatible features, at Work Secure we have just what you are looking for.
Our fleece garments belong to a flexible and multipurpose collection which combines the traditional reliability of a work sweater with innovative materials and designs.
The styling and colors of all our models are modern, energetic and fashionable and will ensure you a unique and original style.
The fleece jackets we offer are a perfect mix of design and practicality, with full 8mm plastic zippers, raglan sleeves, stretchable cuffs and adjustable waist drawstrings.
Strong seams, collars with separated reinforcement edging and an excellent washing resistance are ideal features that add solidity to a garment whose best asset is compactness.
Although fleece is particularly recommended for outdoor use and to cope with low temperatures (we also have high-visibility fleece jackets), you might want to wear something lighter in your workplace.
Something that is just as efficient, but with a lower weight.
In that case, microfleece is the perfect solution for you.
What differentiates microfleece from its “big brother” is the reduced thickness of the fabric, which is 100% polyester, the versatile material par excellence.
You will thus have an essential product that weighs only 180 gr./sq. m., the perfect garment to wear proudly over a t-shirt or under jackets and winter coats.
Moreover, Work Secure gives you the opportunity to customize any item to your liking.
You can put logos and crests wherever you like, for a unique and recognizable aesthetic touch that will be yours only.

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