Health Environmental safety (HSE) Products


The environment is everything that surrounds us.
Sky, earth, air and water are essential elements for animal and human life, and this is why, at Work Secure, we strongly believe in the value of prevention.
For too long, in the past, the environmental impact associated with human production – especially industrial and processing activities – has been deeply underestimated.
All this has done nothing but lead us to a very complicated and even dangerous situation for the health of our planet.
According to scholars, in fact, the problem of pollution and global warming is considered to be one of the greatest catastrophes of the last century.
Currently, the worst forms of pollution are:
• Spills of oil and derivatives
• Urban pollution
• Contaminated wastewater
• Lead and mercury poisoning
• Agricultural and livestock pollution
• Greenhouse gases
• Plastic and derivative products
• Pharmacological pollution
To deal with these critical issues – that directly involve every production activity – we have at your disposal a selection of items, many of which are available for immediate delivery.
Products designed for preventing and containing any environmental accident caused by improper procedures, incorrect assessments or distraction-related errors in the workplace.

The main solutions can be summarized in the following categories:
• Absorption products, such as powders and granules (Oko-Pur, Fire Sorb, Stone Universal Sorb), cellulose rolls, absorbent cloths and films
• Special absorbents and neutralizers (such as Solforless, for sulfuric acid used in batteries)
• Portable first aid kits or wall mountable first aid cabinets
• Spill absorbent products (for liquids or surfaces)
• Products for containment and storage
• Products for logistics and handling
• Products for emergencies (Civil Protection and Municipalized Companies)
• Maintenance and safety products

In addition to our selection of products, we offer a wide range of related services:
• On-site consultations and inspections with environmental technicians
• Staff training on the proper use of anti-pollution products and processes
• Implementation of environmental management systems
• 24-hour emergency service for environmental emergencies.


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