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Masks and respirators

The risks for a worker in his workplace are not limited to recognizable and obvious dangers.
Collisions and falls can easily be prevented with the appropriate protective equipment, but when we have to deal with “invisible” threats, the need arises for specific devices, such as masks and respirators.
The masks that you will find on Work Secure are essential to protect yourself from viruses, bacteria and harmful dusts and come in different shapes and structures: each model is intended for a specific type of use.
From the classic surgical masks in nonwoven fabric, to folding and shell-shape masks with valve, disposable or reusable, to more complex respirators with visors.
Their compact and flexible lines, combined with an essential style, ensure absolute comfort through a correct fit to your face, without affecting your field of view.
Made with hypoallergenic and odorless materials and filters, the masks we offer are perfect for use in the pharmaceutical, textile and chemical sectors, but also in the mining and cement industries.
The versatility of our products makes them ideal for any working environment. They are also suitable for prolonged use thanks to their low weight and the possibility to be easily adjusted.
Among the wide assortment at your disposal, you can also find special masks with visors that protect both nasal/oral and eye mucosa.
Equipped with special anti-scratch and anti-fog lenses, these masks make use of a specific central one-way valve, which reduces breathing resistance and therefore limits the formation of moisture on the interior surface.
Furthermore, maintenance will certainly not be a problem: in some models, it will be sufficient to replace the entire respirator when the filters are completely saturated.
In this way, you will always breathe clean air and your line of view will be free from obstacles that could complicate your work.

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