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Our hands are the protagonists of hundreds of routine actions throughout the day and perhaps we forget a little too often how important they are during our daily grind.
From a professional standpoint, they undoubtedly represent our first real tool, the medium through which we can express our competence and skills in our profession.
Like any work tool worthy of its name, even your hands need adequate care and protection, so as to be kept in perfect conditions and away from risks of injury.
To meet this need, Work Secure – which has always been on the frontline when it comes to top-quality protective equipment – has created a catalog of work gloves that includes models for all tastes and for the most diverse uses.
You will have the opportunity to choose between latex gloves – breathable and suitable for both dry and wet surfaces – and cut-resistant chainsaw gloves, the ultimate in terms of safety padding.
Our neoprene models stand out for their great flexibility, abrasion resistance and comfort even at low temperatures.
Their external slip-resistant knurling and internal effective sweat absorption make them particularly suitable for the agricultural, chemical and refining industries.
At Work Secure, you will also find oilcloth gloves, perfect for processing oil and grease, and gloves specially designed for the food industry.
As a matter of fact, there are numerous situations in the food sector that may require the use of work gloves.
Activities such as boning, slicing and filleting demand the highest level of dexterity and protection, which is only possible with the gloves that we offer.
Our team of experts will help you find your way around all the different solutions that we offer, to find the pair of gloves that best suits your needs.

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