DGUV 112-191


Regardless of the type of activity that we face every day, choosing the right pair of work shoes is really important.
However, when one is forced to live with pain associated with posture, this decision becomes crucial.
Our orthopedic safety shoes are the ideal solution for these problems.
What differentiates this specific category from other typologies of footwear is the special design of its models that allows them to accommodate orthotics devices to alleviate physical ailments and pain.
Heel pads, foot orthoses, and special insoles are just some of the items that can be placed inside our orthopedic shoes, to give an immediate sensation of comfort and wellbeing.
This is a type of footwear with the certification DGUV 112-191, a precise regulation in force in Germany, certified in Italy by the TUV—international body for safety certification of textile materials—to set the requirements of EN ISO 20345:2011, also in the case of modified orthopedic shoes.
The aluminum toecap with breathable membrane and textile anti-perforation system ensure maximum foot safety. The upper – available in suede, padded nylon or TECHSHELL – offers flexibility and softness combined with unparalleled strength.
In the lower part, our shoes display exceptional safety and orthopedic qualities, thanks to polyurethane foam midsoles and special soles that take advantage of the new “Infinergy” technology.
The multifunctional heel and compact polyurethane tread, on the other hand, ensure the best grip on any surface and a firm support in terms of posture.
The models that you can find at Work Secure are multipurpose, suitable for any type of work situation and able to always provide you with maximum protection and attention to your health.

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