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Restaurant safety shoes

Foodservice is a particular industry that includes restaurants, cafeterias and catering operations. At first glance, it may seem quite different if compared with other working sectors where safety clothes are a mandatory requirement. but in reality, it is an area where the use of protective equipment is equally important.
For this reason, Work Secure has decided to dedicate a specific line of safety footwear to foodservice workers, to allow them to operate in complete safety and confidence.
Comfortable, resistant and durable, our selection of restaurant safety shoes is able to effectively respond to the number-one need when it comes to foodservice: hygiene.
Each of the models that we offer is antibacterial, breathable and water-repellent; a perfect solution when working in an environment that demands a high level of cleanliness, such as a kitchen or a dining room.
Comfort is another fundamental quality that a good pair of work shoes must provide, as anyone who has been working in the food industry knows.

In fact, if you work in this industry, you are forced to endure long hours of prolonged standing without the possibility of unloading your body weight and to always move with agility and awareness, even in narrow spaces.
Our shoes are lightweight, soft and suitable for prolonged use as they are equipped with an anatomical EVANIT insole, which makes the fit pleasant without stressing your feet.
Lastly, Work Secure certainly does not forget the safety aspect. Each model in our catalog is equipped with slip-resistant polyurethane soles, designed to face the possible dangers of a slippery floor on which cooking oil or other liquids have been accidentally spilled.
Whether you are a cook, a pastry chef, a restaurant manager or a waiter, at Work Secure you will find the shoes that best suit your needs and that will allow you to keep working effortlessly and in complete safety.

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