Light and Ultralight safety Shoes

Light and ultralight safety shoes constitute a set of very important articles when it comes to footwear recommended for the summer season, and for all those workers who have to face high-temperatures working environments.
If you happen to carry out a working activity without the possibility of wearing open types of footwear to counter the heat, this special line of shoes would be the ideal choice to give you all the freshness and comfort that you need.
Soft, flexible and lightweight, these shoes are similar to sneakers – the leisure shoes par excellence – both aesthetically and structurally speaking.
Just like sneakers have revolutionized the style and approach behind everyday apparel, lightweight safety shoes have innovated work gear, with the use of cutting-edge technical fabrics combined with an extraordinary adaptability to any season.
All the models that you will find on and in our retail stores show meticulous attention to details, top-quality finishes, bright and fashionable colors and an aggressive design, while being the ultimate in work safety.
From a hygienic point of view, the perforated linings appropriately dissipate the heat that is generated inside the shoe, while the highly breathable insoles retain and then dispose of the sweat for unparalleled comfort.
The usage of light and flexible soles made of slip-resistant and oil-resistant compact polyurethane ensure perfect grip and stability on any type of floor.
The weight of the shoe is reduced by almost 50% thanks to the use of a composite toecap.
A revolutionary choice, which differs substantially from the traditional concept of toecap adopted so far.
If you are looking for a shoe that is a symbol of protection, aesthetic taste and unprecedented lightness, the Work Secure safety shoes are the perfect choice for you.

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