Our line of winter safety shoes consists of a series of versatile and eclectic models. A large family that includes an extensive variety of shoes – from high to low cut – for all tastes and for all types of usage.
Particularly suitable for long work shifts and activities in adverse weather conditions, our winter shoes are the best choice for those looking for absolute safety and robustness, without sacrificing comfort and mobility.
What gives strength and exceptional resistance to all our winter shoes is, first of all, the use of fine, high-quality materials for the creation of their exterior.
The compact uppers are sewn following strict criteria and are resistant to abrasions and thermal excursion.
The breathable and waterproof linings ensure total protection from humidity, allowing the foot to always remain cool and dry.
On the other hand, the die-cast aluminum toecaps and anti-perforation inserts preserve foot safety.
Two metal-free series of eyelets complete the picture.
Inside the shoes, removable orthotics and insoles of different thicknesses effectively absorb the shock of impact force during walking, giving you all the comfort you need.
But an excellent safety shoe is nothing without a perfect grip.
Their special soles – equipped with heel and toe guards – ensure excellent grip on slippery floors and surfaces, both outdoors and indoors, to let you work with confidence and in complete safety, in every situation.
As a matter of fact, our winter safety shoes are the ideal solution for the most diverse professions, offering the exact same level of efficiency and helpfulness on every occasion.
Dealing with activities that involve prolonged contact with water or that must be performed in low-temperature environments (such as a cool store) or harsh weather conditions will no longer be a problem.

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